Sunday, 10 April 2011

Starcraft Beginners- ZvZ 10 pool tutorial

A video created by me and a friend showing you how to 10 pool in a ZvZ

Monday, 4 April 2011

Starcraft Beginners- ZvT 6 Min Roach Rush

A video created by me and a friend teaching you how to 6 minute roach rush using this strategy you can win around 70-80% of matches vs Terran in Bronze/Silver league if done correctly.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Zerg Strategy - The 14 Pool 14 Gas

Build Difficulty: Low
Versatility: High - standard opening for even Pro-level players
Best Against: Zerg, Terran
Weak Against: None
shokz-guide-click-hereThe 14 Pool 14 Gas is a standard Zerg opening in Zerg vs Zerg and versus all races on smaller maps where fast expansions are not as viable. This is one of the standard Zerg build orders, at both the beginner and professional levels.
Here is how it would typically play out:
9/10: Overlord
14: Spawning Pool
14: Vespene Extractor (could vary slightly)
16: Overlord
17-18: Queen

This is the first build you should learn if you plan on playing Zerg, this build maximizes your economy while allowing you to be able to readily defend rushes.

Daily update and race tutorials

Ive decided im going to post a video or guide for each race everyday, these guides/videos will be designed by me and my friend who both have experience going from Bronze league to Masters league to help you beat low level opponents ie bronze, silver, gold we guarantee if you play consistently and focus these guides/video's you will be in platinum league before May. We will avoid teaching you rush strategies and focus on teaching you proper macro and unit combinations so that you have a strong foundation for the higher leagues.

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Game Commentaries/Livestreams

One of the best ways to improve at something is to observe others who are good at the given thing doing it. This is why watching replays of professional level games and Live streams of skilled players can help rapidly improve your skill level.

Some commentators that i recommend are

Husky Starcraft

Day9 TV

HD Starcraft

And a great place to find Livestreams is

Team Liquid Livestreams

How the heck do i get out of bronze league?

Promotion and Demotion

The prevailing theory behind the matchmaking system is that each player is assigned a hidden "matchmaking rating", or MMR. MMR determines who your opponents are, as well as whether you are promoted or demoted. When you win or lose a game, your actual rating is compared with the MMR of your opponent and points are awarded or deducted as necessary. MMR is only affected by the end result of a match, not the means used to achieve those results. In-game details such as APM, unit composition, and tech path of either player are irrelevant.

In order to be promoted to a higher league, your MMR must sit comfortably within the boundaries of that league, meaning you'll need to be averaging a 50% win rate against those kinds of players. If you are a 2250 MMR Platinum player who typically faces Diamond players, you will need to not only average a 50% win rate against those Diamond players, but also maintain a much higher win rate against any Platinum players you may encounter. Once your MMR reaches a certain threshold you may be eligible for promotion.

The system takes a moving average of your past X games and uses that to determine your eligibility for promotion. If the moving average crosses a certain league threshold, you can be promoted to that league.

Dropping down to a lower league works the same way, only by losing.

You do not need to reach #1 (or any particular rank) in your division to get promoted.


Macro and micro are the two components that make up Sc2 macro is how you manage your economy and micro is unit control, the most important aspect of Sc2 is balancing these things. Lets start with macro, the most important thing that most new players struggle with is continuing to create workers throughout the entire game the second thing is balancing your worker creation with creation of units this is where scouting comes in, in order to make a decision on whether to build more workers and or expand or to create units in order to defend you must know what it is your opponent is doing, so you must send over a scout and then based off of what you see make a decision i will go into more detail in other posts about predicting what it is they are doing based on signs you can see early in the game. The second thing mentioned was micro this in my opinion is far less important for players new to the game then macro so long as you have a stronger economy then your opponent you can afford to loose units to bad micro, it is only when you reach a higher level of play i.e platinum/diamond league that you need to worry about micro more so.