Sunday, 10 April 2011

Starcraft Beginners- ZvZ 10 pool tutorial

A video created by me and a friend showing you how to 10 pool in a ZvZ

Monday, 4 April 2011

Starcraft Beginners- ZvT 6 Min Roach Rush

A video created by me and a friend teaching you how to 6 minute roach rush using this strategy you can win around 70-80% of matches vs Terran in Bronze/Silver league if done correctly.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Zerg Strategy - The 14 Pool 14 Gas

Build Difficulty: Low
Versatility: High - standard opening for even Pro-level players
Best Against: Zerg, Terran
Weak Against: None
shokz-guide-click-hereThe 14 Pool 14 Gas is a standard Zerg opening in Zerg vs Zerg and versus all races on smaller maps where fast expansions are not as viable. This is one of the standard Zerg build orders, at both the beginner and professional levels.
Here is how it would typically play out:
9/10: Overlord
14: Spawning Pool
14: Vespene Extractor (could vary slightly)
16: Overlord
17-18: Queen

This is the first build you should learn if you plan on playing Zerg, this build maximizes your economy while allowing you to be able to readily defend rushes.

Daily update and race tutorials

Ive decided im going to post a video or guide for each race everyday, these guides/videos will be designed by me and my friend who both have experience going from Bronze league to Masters league to help you beat low level opponents ie bronze, silver, gold we guarantee if you play consistently and focus these guides/video's you will be in platinum league before May. We will avoid teaching you rush strategies and focus on teaching you proper macro and unit combinations so that you have a strong foundation for the higher leagues.